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SceneCity 1.6

For Blender 2.80

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What's new

v1.6 - October 23, 2019

Preset cities can easily be added to the current blend file, for much easier starts.

Included assets can be linked or appended to current blend file (appending was the only option before), and it is done from the node editor directly, no need to go to the deprecated SceneCity panel in the scene settings.

Fixed bug: matrix multiplications weren't correctly ported to Blender 2.80 for object instances having children, so they were unusable.

Empties and any object types are supported in JSON export (and Unity importer), no longer just mesh objects.

Improved Unity importer:

    • auto-fill asset fields in UI, based on asset names (was a manual step before)
    • preserves object names from Blender scene to Unity scene
    • only show relevant buttons in UI