Path generator

Make sure you’ve read the general notes about all the nodes.

This node creates several random paths at once, in a given rectangular area. It has several settings to control the characteristics of the generated paths.

Paths are spawned each at a random location inside the sub-area (see below), then they grow and make turns randomly until they reach their maximum number of segments or if they go outside the limiting area. They don’t intersect, and will probably overlap. They are in 3d, and you can control the height at which they are spawn, and then how much they can move verticaly, from point to point.

Starting pos sub-area

The reason for this setting is to avoid spawning paths too close to a border of the limiting area. Such paths, if they start growing towards the border will be discarded too soon, and will be prematurely ended. Restricting their spawning / initial position into a smaller area gives them a chance to turn and “live” inside the limiting area.