Blender objects repeated along curves

Make sure you’ve read the general notes about all the nodes.

This node creates several new Blender objects, one for each input Blender curve object. All new objects are sharing the same Blender mesh datablock of your choosing. Each new object is repeated and follows its corresponding curve object. For that it uses Blender’s array and curve modifiers.

It is useful for quickly creating roads from a road portion mesh, and have it follow several curves.

Due to the way the curve and array modifiers work, it is not possible to scale the objects following the curves without having them not be repeated enough times (or too many times if scaling up) to cover the full length of their curves. Therefore, it is important to have your road portion mesh be modeled at the exact scale as the final scale (so model it with its object scale = one).

Cities being large, it is often necessary to scale everything down 100 times, or more. So modeling a mesh at such a small scale is inconvenient. I will try to mitigate this problem somehow. I’m open to suggestions.